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Comments and Rating for the file sfz Bowed Vibraphone
sfz Bowed Vibraphone Rating: 1.65

Presenting the "sfz Bowed Vibraphone"!

Currently this sfz instrument has been tested in the following compatible sfz synthesizer/samplers:

- Cakewalk Dimension Pro
- Cakewalk Rapture
- Garritan ARIA Player
- Camel Audio Alchemy

Please let me know if you run into any issues. There is vibrato depth programmed into ModWheel and aftertouch by default. Let me know if you have any feature suggestions for FX, EQ, ect. Enjoy!

» Author: patcharena Write Email to patcharena Homepage from patcharena dtd. 10.11.2011
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Current Rating: 1.65
Total votes: 85

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