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Comments and Rating for the file Grahl Largo Bank 1
Grahl Largo Bank 1

21 Presets.
Made for Techno and House Music

Ar Beasty.fxp
Ar Chord 1.fxp
Ar House me.fxp
Ar SpÅrhund.fxp
Ar Sphinx.fxp
Bs E-Bass.fxp
Bs Tech Arp.fxp
Ld E-House.fxp
Ld Use Filter.fxp
Pl Detuned Grave.fxp
Pl Fear.fxp
Pl Laser Gun.fxp
Pl Tech Pluck.fxp
Syn Chord.fxp
Syn Gore.fxp
Syn Greek.fxp
Syn Helmut.fxp
Syn Morgenrot.fxp
Syn Nude Chick.fxp
Syn System Failed.fxp
Syn Up to.fxp

» Author: orbit303 dtd. 30.04.2012
» Total Hits: 2830

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