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Comments and Rating for the file Rozzer - Evolver Sound Bank
Rozzer - Evolver Sound Bank Rating: 3.67

I’ve spent about the last year putting this bank together. Not full time of course, I do have the other things to do occasionally, but this bank represents many late nights nonetheless.

127 brand new sounds for your Evolver (I left a default patch at the end). They mostly fall into the ‘dance’ category (electro, house, drum and bass, etc etc). Lots of big basses, leads, crazy fx and sequences. There are NO ‘sequencer’ patches (like some of the factory patches that just play sequenced loops regardless of any keyboard input) mainly because I find those kind of patches of limited use, so ALL of my patches are fully playable on the keyboard. Also make sure you try the mod wheel and aftertouch as I try and program something interesting for these 2 controllers in most patches.

It should go without saying that I think the Evolver is an amazing synth. Everyone should own at least the desktop model. The bang-for-the-buck factor is off the scale!

» Author: Rozzer Homepage from Rozzer dtd. 02.05.2012
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Current Rating: 3.67
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