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Comments and Rating for the file Adder Hulk Skin
Adder Hulk Skin

Description: Haven't made any contributions to the Patch arena database lately, with me opening my own site and I decided i'd make something other than presets, to release to the PA community. It's not really is kind of my "Entrance" into graphic design...hehe....but it definitely works if you have a Hulk them to your destop! ; ) That of course would be rather strange now wouldn't it....hmm.....either way, Enjoy!

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» Author: ToTC Write Email to ToTC dtd. 30.09.2012
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Thank You ToTC for the " Adder Hulk Skin " !

This one is for the ConcreteFX - Adder v1.4 VSTi !

Here is a small HOW TO :

1). Begin by creating a folder in your Adder vsti directory called "Skins".

2). Unzip the file called "Pro-Sounds_Adder_Skin-1.col" to the newly created "Skins" Folder.

3). Start your host and open the Adder of the tabs on the Adder GUI says
"Setup" on this tab.

4). From here, there is a button you will press to "Load" an Adder skin file....Press the load
button, navigate to the skins folder you have created, and select the file:

01.10.2012 um 11:0301.10.2012 um 11:03
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