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Comments and Rating for the file The Tone Colors A.S.T.R.O Soundbank for the Rob Papen - Predator
The Tone Colors A.S.T.R.O Soundbank for the Rob Papen - Predator Rating: 2.6

The ' A.S.T.R.O ' Soundset by CHE 2013 for the
Rob Papen - Predator Software Synthesizer

Inside: 1 Soundset A.S.T.R.O - 64 Presets
Presets Sound Design by: CHE
Format: Soundbank[*.FXP]
Release Date: 12-2013
For: Predator v1.6.4
Info: Read me PDF
File Size: 1 MB
Genre: Various
Price: Free

Welcome to TONE COLORS Sound Design
Freeware Presets for Software & Hardware Synthesizer

Royalty Free Soundset / License
All ' Tone Colors ' Freeware Soundsets by CHE for the Virtual Software Instruments.
They can be used commercially in things like movies, games, and anything else you
might need a cool sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit.
While sending one to a friend is ok, selling one to a customer is not.

Install Instructions

1. Unrar/Unzip the Download File and copy the Soundbank File

" Tone Colors A.S.T.R.O Soundbank (*.FXB) "

into the Rob Papen - Predator - " Bank " Folder

2. Open Predator, select your bank

3. Enjoy!

» Author: Helges Write Email to Helges Homepage from Helges dtd. 14.12.2013
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Current Rating: 2.6
Total votes: 25

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