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Comments and Rating for the file 18 Soundbanks (*.FXB) for the TerraTec - Komplexer VSTi
18 Soundbanks (*.FXB) for the TerraTec - Komplexer VSTi

18 Soundbanks (*.FXB) for the TerraTec - Komplexer VSTi

Converted Soundbanks from the Waldorf - MicroQ Synthesizer

KOMPLEXER - Waldorf microQ - FlakScrambler - uQ - FXB

- A - FlakScramblerExtra
- A - FlakScramblerSet
- B - FlakScramblerExtra
- B - FlakScramblerSet
- C - FlakScramblerExtra
- C - FlakScramblerSet

KOMPLEXER - Waldorf microQ - 2001 - uQ - FXB

- A - uQ2001
- B - uQ2001
- C - uQ2001

KOMPLEXER - Waldorf microQ - Forum 1 - uQ - FXB

- A - ForumOne_uQ
- B - ForumOne_uQ
- C - ForumOne_uQ

KOMPLEXER - Waldorf microQ - Forum 2 - uQ - FXB

- A - ForumTwo_uQ
- B - ForumTwo_uQ
- C - ForumTwo_uQ

KOMPLEXER - Waldorf microQ - Forum 3 - uQ - FXB

- A - ForumThree_uQ
- B - ForumThree_uQ
- C - ForumThree_uQ


1. Load/Open the Komplexer VSTi
2. Go to the " File Menu " Button
3. Use ' File Menu ' - Load Bank

Important & License

The "Forum One" soundset for the Q/microQ* has been created by users
of the Waldorf userforum. This soundset is declared as freeware and may
be used for private and professional audioproductions without charge.

Selling this soundset or parts of it is prohibited.

TerraTec announces Komplexer - 6th April 2005

TerraTec Producer has announced Komplexer, a new VSTi plug-in for Windows that offers
both virtual analogsynthesis and wavetable synthesis. Komplexer has eight macro controllers
onboard and features three oscillatorstwo multi-mode filters, four ADSDSR envelopes,
three LFOs, and includes the ability to import Waldorf microQ sounds.

Using the macro controllers, presets can be modified to suit every taste using just eight parameters.
Of course, this VST instrument also affords users unrestricted access to all of the sophisticated
synthesis engine's 400 parameters. Features such as the arpeggiator and LFO 3's synchronizable
user-specific waveform serve to create striking soundscapes that adapt automatically to the
given song tempo. The integrated vocoder lets conjure compelling vocal effects.

Key features:

- Virtual analog software synthesizer.
- Wavetable synthesis.
- Imports Waldorf microQ sounds.
- Eight macro controllers.
- Up to 256 voices.
- Unrestricted access to the sound synthesis engine.
- Three oscillators featuring sync and ring modulation.
- Two multi-mode filters (8 types including comb filters).
- Flexible modulation matrix.
- Four ADSDSR envelopes.
- Audio input with vocoder.
- Three LFOs (LFO3 with user waveform).
- Arpeggiator.
- Five effect units offering delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion.
- Fully automatable and controllable via MIDI controller.

List of references:

TerraTec Producer - Komplexer - Links

KVR Audio - Info

Sound On Sound - Review November 2008 - Info

Amazona - Musiker Magazin (German) - Review

Waldorf Micro Q

The power of the Q synthesizer is now available in an affordable 2-unit rack module. Sound quality is not compromised, it
soundsjust as great as the more expensive Q! The main limitation is that there are only 6 knobs; however these knobs
provide access to dozens of parameters at the push of a button. The Q's powerful arpeggiator is also on-board.

There is no sequencer, but a rack module is usually destined for use with an external sequencer or controller anyway.
There are two independent filters with low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, notch and comb filters. The filters are reso-
nant and can self-oscillate too! There's also a Modulation Matrix where you can route your signal through flexible
and complex processes to really shape your sounds. There's also a stereo vocoder and ring modulato
r on-board. A Voice Expansion board can boost polyphony in the Micro Q up to 75 voices!

The Micro Q is not an analog synth, but it can emulate them very well. It is great for punchy analog bass,
303 lines, synth leads, trance pads, swirling effects, analog drums, percussion, beats, and lots more!
It's worth a listen! Wonderful preset sounds, a challenge to program...bottom line is affordable,
incredible sounds! It has been used by Somatic Responses, RadioBomb, and Hardmakz.

List of references:

More Freeware microQ Soundsets:

Komplexer can import microQ Soudsets

1. Load the Komplexer
2. Go to the " File Menu "
3. and use the " Import mq "

The Komplexer converted the microQ Soundset to a Komplexer Soundset

microQ Soundsets by DocT (mQ1- mQ2 - mQ3)

DocT - mQ 3
- The latest bank with 120 fresh sounds . Enjoy !

DocT - mQ 2
- Another Bank with 120 sounds from all categories.

DoctT -mQ1
- The file contains 99 sounds from different categories, a few standards
only, but many FX , wavetable sounds and weird pads.

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