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Comments and Rating for the file Kawai K4 OS 1.4 EPROM Binary BIN File
Kawai K4 OS 1.4 EPROM Binary BIN File Rating: 1.33

1.4 OS for the K4, exactly the one I'm using into my keyboard, ready to be burn using any EPROM programmer which can support the necessary memory chip for the K4; the specs of the chip are as follows: type 27C512 or W27C512, format DIL-28, less than 150ns response time.

I bought the empty Eprom chip for less than 3 Euros and asked a friend of mine with an Eprom burner device to do the burning job for me: it works perfectly!

The old Eprom is not soldered to the board but installed in a chip holder, so you just need to extract the old one and replace it with the new. Turn on the K4 and enjoy!

» Author: clayfalcon Homepage from clayfalcon dtd. 20.09.2014
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Current Rating: 1.33
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