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Comments and Rating for the file Image Line Sytrus - Yamaha DX7 Presets - 13896 Presets (492 Banks)
Image Line Sytrus - Yamaha DX7 Presets - 13896 Presets (492 Banks) Rating: 2.49

Image Line Sytrus - Yamaha DX7 Presets - 13896 Presets (492 Banks)

Yamaha DX7 Presets - Opens a file browsing dialog to import DX7 SYSEX data. Sytrus will then read the
patch and emulate the original DX7 sound. Imported DX7 presets appear as subitems in the DX7 menu.

Note: It's a ' Backup-Upload', because the Patches are not longer available.


Dave Benson - DX7 - 7296 Presets for Sytrus (228 Banks) SYX files

First you have to copy then paste the file (after you extract it) in your Sytrus presets
folder, usually C:Program filesImage-LineFL Studio 8DataPatchesSytrus.


JackDeckard - DX7 - 6600 Presets for Sytrus (264 Banks) SYX files

- These are system exclusive files, each containing one bank of 32 voices.
- These are complete with sysex headers.
- The original factory patches are here as rom1a.syx - rom4b.syx.

Yamaha DX7

The Yamaha DX7 is a phase modulation based (marketed as frequency modulation) digital synthesizer
manufactured by the Yamaha Corporation from 1983 to 1986. It was the first commercially successful
digital synthesizer. Its distinctive sound can be heard on many recordings, especially pop music from
the 1980s. The DX7 was the moderately priced model of the DX series of PM (FM) keyboard
synthesisers that included thelarger and more elaborate DX1 and DX5; the feature-reduced
DX9; and the smaller and not directly compatible DX100, DX11,and DX21. Over 200,000 of
the original DX7 were made, and it remains one of the best-selling synthesizers of all time.


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