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Comments and Rating for the file Wavetables for the Terratec - Komplexer VSTi
Wavetables for the Terratec - Komplexer VSTi Rating: 1

Wavetables for the Terratec KOMPLEXER - 1 MB

" The Terratec KOMPLEXER can load new data into the two wavetable oscillators. "

Please read some info about the wavetable implementation of the KOMPLEXER.

kWT1, kWT2
The original wavetables for the WT1 and WT2 oscillator in the KOMPLEXER.
Useful if you've played around with alternative wavetables and want to switch back.

zAlt1, kAlt1, kAlt2
- These wavetables match the Alt1 and Alt2 oscillator of the microQ.
Just like the microQ the first slot is silent in zAlt1 and can be used for amplitude modulation
via the wavetable modulation, whereas in kAlt1 this slot contains a sounding wave.

kSaw, kSquare
- These are completely synthetic wavetables based on the Fourier series for the saw wave and square wave.
For these, the spectral amplitude falls off with the inverse of the harmonic number (6dB/octave) and the square has only odd harmonics
present. These exact inverse relationship is achieved for the wave at position 64, while towards position zero the higher harmonics are
stronger and towards position 128 the higher harmonics are weaker. This was done by using the wave position as an exponent to the
inverse series so that the exponent starts out at a value smaller than 1, then becomes exactly 1 at position 64 and then get greater
than one. The net result is a spectral modulation through the wavetable that can not be obtained by simple filtering.

kSawWM, kSawWMq
- Another series of synthetic waveforms, this time modulating from saw through triangle to inverse saw wave.
The triangle wave has a spectrum that falls off with the square of the inverse of the harmonic number (12dB/oct) and therefore
might appear to be too quiet during modulation. The wavetable kSawWMq has a spectral enhacement to correct the
perceived loudness through the modulation, again done by a suitable exponentiation of the resulting spectral amplitudes.

kROM0, kROM1, kROM2, kROM3, kROM4, kROM5, kROM6, kROM7, kROM8, kROM9
- These are conversions of the 300 ROM waves from the Waldorf microWave.

kVS1, kVS2, kVS3
- These are conversions of the ROM waves from the Sequential Prophet VS.

kUpper, kPPGE, kSita1, kSita2, kFair1, kFair2, kFair3, kFair4
- These are conversions from the Waldorf WAVE, which are themselves conversions from the PPG UpperWavetable, the PPG
T040 E-Bass and a Fourier analysis of a Sitar and two Fairlight samples done on the Waldorf WAVE by Till Kopper.

kSQ0, kSQ1, kSQ2, kSQ3, kSQ4, kSQ5, kSQ6, kSQ7, kSQ8, kSQ9, kSQA, kSQB, kSQC, kSQD, kSQE, kSQF
- These are conversions of the ROM waves from the Ensoniq SQ80 (the first of the four SQ80 wave ROM chips has identical
content to the two wave ROM chips in the ESQ-1 as you can find out while visiting the Ensoniq Heaven).


[ - Useful - ]

18 Soundbanks (*.FXB) for the TerraTec - Komplexer VSTi

Converted Soundbanks from the Waldorf - MicroQ Synthesizer;ENGINEsessID=ecc9cf6e62dd8c0c0bb1d724e57c54e7

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