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Comments and Rating for the file The Cosmic Trigger Soundset by CHE for the Xfer Records - Serum VSTI
The Cosmic Trigger Soundset by CHE for the Xfer Records - Serum VSTI Rating: 2.51

The Cosmic Trigger Soundset by CHE for the Xfer Records - Serum VSTI

Hi Xfer - Serum User's, Music makers, artists and aliens, here is
a fresh, pulsating, energetic and handmade Soundset from CHE

Praise and respect to the Xfer - Serum Team, this Serum Software
Synthesizer is definitely the innovation of the decade.

• Inside: 1 Soundset with 64 Presets by Sonic Sirius
• Format: [*.FXP] & Wavetables [*.WAV]
• Genre: Modern Synth & Electro
• Info: Read me / Installation
• For: Xfer - Serum VSTi
• Release Date: 10-2014
• File Size: 72 MB
• Price: Free

Royalty Free Soundset License

All ' Sonic Sirius ' Freeware Soundsets they can be used commercially in
things like movies, games,and anything else you might need a cool
sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit.

Sonic Sirius - Synthesizer Soundsets
Freeware Soundsets for Software and Hardware Synthesizer

» Author: Helges Write Email to Helges Homepage from Helges dtd. 18.10.2014
» Total Hits: 89235

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Current Rating: 2.51
Total votes: 870

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shit its awesome, thanks!

This comment was edited at the 31.05.2016 (by patcharena)

29.05.2016 um 03:3729.05.2016 um 03:37
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Join date: December 2010
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Troubleshooting from the Xfer - Serum - Support Team:

User Question. " which I followed and got most of your presets to work, except for 60, 61, 62 and 63. These just yields a loud click when
loading. 64 however works. I just delete those that does not work and I am fine. So what I have is a separate sub folder with the presets
in the “regular” preset folder and NOT in the user folder. And I have the wavetables in the Tablet/User folder with NO subfolder. "

Try moving the presets in their own preset folder and not in "User"
presets. Maybe you have > 128 in there?

The "tables" he made are not valid Serum wavetables either but Raw audio files, which is a little unintended
operation / unfortunate he'd make people put raw audio in their User tables folder like that.
29.10.2014 um 07:0929.10.2014 um 07:09
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