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Comments and Rating for the file The ' SIGN ' Soundset by CHE for the ' FXpansion - Fusor ' Virtual Synthesizer
The ' SIGN ' Soundset by CHE for the ' FXpansion - Fusor ' Virtual Synthesizer Rating: 2.67

The ' SIGN ' Soundset by CHE for the ' FXpansion - Fusor ' Virtual Synthesizer

Hi FXpansion D CAM Synth Squad User's, Music makers, artists and aliens,
here is a fresh, analogue, energetic and handmade Soundset from CHE.

• Inside: 1 Soundset SIGN with 131 Presets
• This soundset is suitable for slower CPU's.
• Format: Soundbank [*.FUSOR]
• Release Date: Winter 2015
• Sound Design by: CHE
• Genre: Modern Music
• Info: Read Me PDF
• File Size: 14 MB
• Price: Free

Sonic Sirius - Synthesizer Soundsets
Freeware Soundsets for Software and Hardware Synthesizer

Royalty Free Soundset License
All ' Sonic Sirius ' Freeware Soundsets they can be used commercially
in things like movies, games,and anything else you might need a cool
sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit.

Unrar/Unzip the Soundset and copy the Folder/Files:
Fusor SIGN 1 -2 - 3 - 4 - 5 by CHE
into the FXpansion - Fusor - Preset Folder:
C:Program Files (x86)FXpansionFusorPresets


AR = Arpeggiated
BA = Bass
LD = Lead
PD = Pad
SQ = Sequenced
SY = Synth

Fusor SIGN 1 by CHE ( 25 Presets)

LD Abhurite (Strobe Solo)
SY Acanthite (Strobe Solo)
SY Actinolite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Acuminite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Achat (Strobe Solo)
SQ Adamite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Adelite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Admontite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Aegirine (Strobe Solo)
SQ Aenigmatite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Aerinite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Aerugite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Amethyst (Strobe Solo)
SQ Bismite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Bismuth (Strobe Solo)
SQ Bixbyite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Blödite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Blossite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Boehmite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Boracite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Borax (Strobe Solo)
SQ Bornite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Brassite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Braunite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Chalcopyrite (Strobe Solo)

Fusor SIGN 2 by CHE ( 25 Presets )

SQ Challacolloite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Chaoite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Chapmanite (Strobe Solo)
AR Charoite (Strobe Solo)
AR Childrenite (Strobe Solo)
AR Chlorargyrite (Strobe Solo)
AR Chlorastrolite (Strobe Solo)
AR Chloritoid (Strobe Solo)
AR Chondrodite (Strobe Solo)
AR Chromite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Chromium (Strobe Solo)
AR Chrysoberyl (Strobe Solo)
AR Chrysocolla (Strobe Solo)
AR Cinnabar (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Clarkeite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Clinoclase (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Clinohedrite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Clinohumite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Clinoptilolite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Clinozoisite (Strobe Solo)
SY Clintonite (Strobe & Strobe)
SY Cobaltite (Strobe Solo)
SY Coesite (Strobe Solo)
LD Coffinite (Strobe Solo)
LD Danburite (Strobe & Strobe)

Fusor SIGN 3 by CHE ( 25 Presets)

SY Datolite (3x Strobe)
SY Davidite (3x Strobe)
SY Dawsonite (3x Strobe)
SY Delvauxite (3x Strobe)
SY Descloizite (3x Strobe)
LD Diaboleite (Strobe & Amber)
LD Diadochite (Strobe & 2x Amber)
LD Diamond (Strobe & 2x Amber)
SQ Ekanite (Strobe & 2x Amber)
SQ Elbaite (Strobe & 2x Amber)
BS Elsmoreite (Strobe Solo)
BS Emery (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Empressite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Enargite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Enstatite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Eosphorite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Epidote (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Epsomite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Erythrite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Esperite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Ettringite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Euchroite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Euclase (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Eucryptite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Eudialyte (Strobe Solo)

Fusor SIGN 4 by CHE ( 25 Presets)

SQ Euxenite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Fabianite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Fayalite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Ferberite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Fergusonite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Feroxyhyte (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Ferrierite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Ferrihydrite (Strobe & Strobe)
LD Ferrotantalite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Germanite (Strobe Solo)
AR Gersdorffite (Strobe Solo)
AR Gibbsite (Strobe Solo)
AR Gismondine (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Glauberite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Glaucodot (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Glauconite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Glaucophane (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Gmelinite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Goethite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Gold (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Goslarite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Graftonite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Graphite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Greenockite (Strobe & Strobe)

Fusor SIGN 5 by CHE ( 32 Presets)

AR Greigite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Grossular (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Grunerite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Gummite (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Gunningite (Strobe & Strobe)
LD Gypsum (Strobe & Strobe)
AR Hämatit (Strobe Solo)
AR Herderite (Strobe Solo)
AR Hessite (Strobe & Strobe)
LD Hessonite (Strobe & Strobe
LD Heulandite (Strobe & Strobe)
LD Hibonite (Strobe & Strobe)
LD Hilgardite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Hisingerite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Homilite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Hopeite (Strobe & Strobe
SQ Howlite (Strobe Solo)
LD Hübnerite (Strobe Solo)
LD Ice (Strobe Solo)
LD Idocrase (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Idrialite (Strobe & Strobe)
SQ Ikaite (Strobe Solo)
SQ Illite (Strobe & Strobe)
SY Ilmenite (Strobe & Strobe)
SY Millerite (Strobe & Strobe)
SY Mimetite (Strobe Solo)
SY Minium (Strobe Solo)
SY Mixite (Strobe Solo)
SY Mohite (Strobe & Strobe)
SY Nabesite (Strobe & Strobe)
SY Nacrite (Strobe & Strobe)
SY Zincite (Strobe & Strobe)

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