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Comments and Rating for the file Wavetable Pack by Arty
Wavetable Pack by Arty Rating: 1.2

Wavetable Pack by Arty

Arty - member of Vember Audio Forum has created Wavetable Pack for Vember Audio Surge synth.

- Pack contains 402 wavetables in wav format.

(1.) There are at least few Vst Instruments (with wavetable oscillators) that let you import custom Single Cycle Waveform files.

(2.) The most popular i know are: Z3ta+, Vember Audio Surge, Jeremy Evers Atlantis, Future Audio Workshop Circle, Audjoo Helix etc.

[... This one is a ' Backup Download ' because is not longer available. Thanks to Arty ]

» Author: Helges Write Email to Helges Homepage from Helges dtd. 04.03.2015
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Current Rating: 1.2
Total votes: 50

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