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Comments and Rating for the file The ' Sonic Sirius ' Soundbank for the ' Rob Papen - RAW ' Synthesizer
The ' Sonic Sirius ' Soundbank for the ' Rob Papen - RAW ' Synthesizer Rating: 2

The ' Sonic Sirius ' Soundbank for the ' Rob Papen - RAW ' Synthesizer

About RAW

Rob Papen Raw, Software Synthesizer, well suited for DubStep and all kind of
electronical music, two oscillators each thomann with an X/Y field, draw your
own waveforms, effects like eq, waveshaper, distortion, lofi, chorus flanger
and more, arpeggiator/sequencer, easypage and preset bank manager.

Thank You

Thanks to the RAW Team for this innovative fantastic synthesizer. All parameters
are very readable and accessible - unique sound and endless sound modulations!

Soundbank Details

Format: Soundbank (*:FXB) & 50 Arp Presets
For: Rob Papen - RAW v1.0 or newer
Sound Design by: Sonic Sirius
With: Install - Read Me PDF
Release Date : 3-2016
File Size: 900 KB
Genre: Various
Price: Free

1.) Soundbank - Install

Copy and Paste the " Sonic Sirius for RAW " Soundbank into:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Rob Papen/RAW/Banks

2.) Arps - Install

Copy the Content of the Arp folder into the RAW Arp Folder into:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Rob Papen/RAW

Sonic Sirius - Synthesizer Soundsets

Freeware Soundsets for Software and Hardware Synthesizer

Royalty Free Soundset License

All ' Sonic Sirius ' Freeware Soundsets they can be used commercially in
things like movies, games, and anything else you might need a cool
sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit.

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Current Rating: 2
Total votes: 75

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RAW patch bank
WOW this is a fantastic set of patches! Really love them. Very useful, controlled, balanced levels. In all honesty i think they are better EDM sounds than the ones that came from the factory which are a bit too noisy for everyday use. I'm so grateful :) Total time saver and some BEAUTIFUL sounds. RAW is a decent synth, but there aren't enough "in-between" patches provided from RP. They were trying to blow everyones minds with the exotic screechers, which they did. But in actual use I was having a hard time finding "tamer", yet modern, sounds. This bank is great cause there are so many A+ sounds in it. Not hard to find a good patch. Clearly a lot of effort went into it. THANK YOU!!
14.04.2016 um 14:0714.04.2016 um 14:07
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