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Comments and Rating for the file The Tone Adventure Expansion by CHE for the UVI Falcon Hybrid Instrument
The Tone Adventure Expansion by CHE for the UVI Falcon Hybrid Instrument Rating: 2.5

The ' Tone Adventure ' Expansion by CHE for the ' UVI Falcon ' Hybrid Instrument

Hello UVI Falcon Hybrid Instrument Users, Music makers, Artists, Robots and Aliens.
Welcome to the Tone Adventure Expansion for the UVI Falcon Hybrid Instrument.
You get 250 presets divided into 17 areas with the full Falcon Sound Spectrum.

41 x ARP, 8 x ARP SLOW, 11 x ARP SUS, 12 x BASS, 15 x DRUM, 17 x FORM,
15 x KEYS, 19 x LEAD, 6 x MULTI ENV, 12 x PAD, 3 x PLUCK, 25 x SEQ,
12 x SEQ EXP, 4 x SFX, 19 x STEP ENV, 16 x SYNTH, 15 x USEFUL

" Where the language stops, the music begins "
E. T. A. Hoffmann

About UVI - Falcon

The UVI Falcon is a Creative Hybrid Instrument - Explore the intersection of
sampling and synthesis with 15 oscillators, 80+ effects, modulation generators,
scriptable event processors and more. Falcon provides a sophisticated
set of tools for near infinite sound and instrument design potential.

"Falcon might very well be the most powerful synth/sampler ever made, with
a large number of oscillator types, modulators, and effects." (SoundBytes)

The ' Tone Adventure ' Soundbank by HO for the Falcon - Details

1 Tone Adventure Falcon Expansion with 250 Presets
Comes with: Read me PDF & Install help
Format: Presets (*.uvip) & (*.Wav)
For: UVI - Falcon v1.2.1 or newer
Genre: The full Falcon Spectrum
Release Date : March 2017
Sound Design by: CHE
Bank File Size: 44 MB
Price: Free - Present

Inclusive15 Drum Samples (WAV - 23 MB) by CHE.

Sonic Sirius - Synthesizer Soundsets

Freeware Soundsets for Software and Hardware Synthesizer


41 x ARP (Arpeggio Sound)
08 x ARP SLOW (Arpeggio Slow Sound)
11 x ARP SUS (Arpeggio Sustain Sound)
12 x BASS (Bass Sound)
15 x DRUM (Drum Sound)
17 x FORM (Formant - Vocal Sound)
15 x KEYS (Keys Sound)
19 x LEAD (Lead Sound)
06 x MULTI ENV (Multi Envelope Sound)
12 x PAD (Lead Sound)
03 x PLUCK (Plucked Sound)
25 x SEQ (Sequence Sound)
12 x SEQ EXP (Sequence Experience Sound)
04 x SFX (Effect Sound)
19 x STEP ENV (Step Sequencer Sound)
16 x SYNTH (Synthesizer Sound)
15 x USEFUL (Drums and Scrub Sounds)

When will it be dangerous for the ears?

Whether music endangers your ears, depends...
How loud you hear ... / How long you will hear ... / How often you pause.

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Current Rating: 2.5
Total votes: 40

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