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Comments and Rating for the file Ensoniq Mirage Library
Ensoniq Mirage Library Rating: 2

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Ensoniq Mirage Package Contents


Mirage 10 Disk Sample Library in Mirage Disk Format:
MELPRO1: Oberhiem Ob-1, Minimoog pulse, Serge sine, Moog Resonant Bass, TR-909 Kick Drum.
MELPRO2: Techno loop, Stratos FX, Arp Hit, Robot band, Harpvoice, Industrial loop.
MELPRO3: Voice Pad, K1 fantasy, Minimoog lead, K1 strings, K1 brass.
MELPRO4: Pan Pipe Movement, Pan Flute, Synth Reed, Tribal Beat Loop.
MELPRO5: Analog Pitch Shift, Analog FX, Arp string synth, Alien Beat, Effects Loop.
MELPRO6: Lowpass Bass, CT fantasy, Astral voice, CZ acoustic echo, Sample & Hold, Synth intro.
MELPRO7: Broken Glass FX, Drum machine, Tribal drum, Techno Hit, Breathy voice, Space lead.
MELPRO8: Morpheus beat loop, Digitalsweep, Roland Juno Synth, Cello section, CZ brass.
MELPRO9: Fairy tale, Ambient snare, Fretless bass guitar, Oriental Dew, FM sweep pad, Strings
MELPRO10: Stream, Wetland, Cricket, Song Bird, Loon Lake.
The Mirage Tools Version 1.0 Disk Writing Utility, (PC Only).
Sound documentation (this document)
The Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Musicians Manual
The Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Parameter Reference Cards

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