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Comments and Rating for the file The Sound Experience Soundbank by H.O for the Admiral Quality - Poly-Ana Synth
The Sound Experience Soundbank by H.O for the Admiral Quality - Poly-Ana Synth Rating: 1

The Sound Experience Soundbank by H.O 2017 for the Admiral
Quality - Poly-Ana the Analog Model Polyphonic Synthesizer

Hello ' Poly-Ana ' Instrument - Users, Music makers, Artists, Robots and Aliens.
You get 128 Pressureful-Powerful-Modern Sequences, Leads, Pads and Basses.

1 Sound Experience Soundbank with 128 Presets
Format: Poly-Ana program bank files (*.pab)
Sound Design by: Helge Ohlenbostel [HO]
Genre & Focus: Best of Poly-Ana
Release Date : September 2017
Bank File Size: 1,2 MB
For: Poly-Ana v1.3
Price: Free ~ Gift

This free soundest is royalty free but may not be resold for a profit. As a thank
you to Admiral Quality - Poly-Ana for this Analog Virtual Synthesizer.

I recorded this Poly-Ana Soundbank by ( - 4,0 dB ) Master Volume (my PCI
Audiointerface has 115 dB dynamic range). Is it too quiet or too loud raise
or lower the Master Volume in your D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation).

I need a better Sound... ? You can use a Mulitband Dynamics FX,
a bit Reverb FX, Delay FX and Compressor FX -> Inserts FX

When will it be dangerous for the ears?
Whether music endangers your ears, depends...
How loud you hear ... / How long you will hear ... / How often you pause.

Sonic Sirius - Synthesizer Soundsets
Freeware Soundsets for Software and Hardware Synthesizer

About Poly-Ana
Poly-Ana is an Analog Model Polyphonic Synthesizer. Poly-Ana's voice architecture
is a combination of the best features of the famous analog classics plus several new
features for a total of 185 controls. Fantastic sound! Deep and complete architecture.

10.2006 / Admiral Quality release Poly-Ana to v0.11
07.2017 / Admiral Quality update Poly-Ana to v1.3.1
[Version 1.31 adds Custom Skins and a new Anti-Aliasing feature.]

Thanks to the Poly-Ana Team, for this innovative, highly recommended Synthesizer.
Thanks to ' Limeflavour', Hoverland, DavidF for the readable operable GUI Design.

More Poly-Ana Soundbanks
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