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Comments and Rating for the file ApolloniA

ApolloniA, for Luftrum’s Lunaris virtual pad synthesizer, includes a complete set of 20 Single “snapshot” instruments and 10 Multi instruments. Programmed within the Lunaris Synthesizer Interface, along with the massive selection of available sound sources using no less than 4 Oscillators per patch, heavy use of Modulation Wheel routing, and the many parameters provided to create this unique sound-set. ApolloniA (Greek meaning: “From Apollo, Sunlight”), was created with one theme in mind …Ambient Pads of Universal Starlight, as follows:

Snapshots (Single Patches): Using 4 sound sources (Oscillators), per patch, from Synthesizer Transients & Core Sources, to Field Recordings & Soundscapes. Be sure to use the “Mod Wheel” for many sound transitions:

Antarean Parallax – Echo Fantasy Pad <Mod Wheel Up> Echo Harp Pad
Aurora Australis – Glittering Filter Swirl Pad
Bright Equinox – 90’s Bright Pad
Comet’s Tale – Sci-Fi Lead Rhythm <Mod Wheel Up> Soft Rhythm Pad
Continuum – Atmospheric Soft Pad <Mod Wheel Up> Soft Synth Pad
Cosmology – Fantasy Flute Voice <Mod Wheel Up> Fantasy Synth Lead Pad
Deep Space Voyager – Synth Pad Rhythm <Mod Wheel Up> Deep Space Pad
Event Horizon – Heavy Reso Rhythm Beat <Mod Wheel Up> Light Reso Rhythm Beat
Jovian Poles – Soft Chaotic Attack Pad
Kepler-186f – Planet Surface Landing Rhythm <Mod Wheel Up> Planet Surface Wildlife
Nebular Emission – Glitter Synth Lead Pad <Mod Wheel Up> Reso Glitter Synth Lead Pad
Pillars of Creation – Stellar Ambient Sweep Pad <Mod Wheel Up> Bright 90’s Digital Ambiance
Pleiadian Pro-6 – Blade Running Prophet 6 Pad <Mod Wheel Up> Prophet 6 Cinematic Pad
Polar Star – Sharp Glitter Lead Pad <Mod Wheel Up> Soft Deep Space Pad
Proxima Centauri-b – Soft Planetary Landing Pad <Mod Wheel Up> Planet Surface Atmosphere
Solar Dynamics – Soft Solar Light Flow <Mod Wheel Up> Solar Rhythmic Flow
Star Voyager I – Soft Brassy Lead Pad
Star Voyager II – Blade Running Soft Brassy Lead Pad
Stellar Halo – Crystalline Filter Lead Pad
The Shores of Europa – Oceanic dreams of a distant Moon <Mod Wheel Up> Pad of Europa

Multi Patches: Selections from the above snapshots were used to create the following 10 complex multi patches:

Callisto – Antarean Parallax + Jovian Poles
Cosmic Rays – Nebular Emission + Continuum
Exoplanet – Kepler-186f + The Shores of Europa + Proxima Centauri-b
Galactic Nova – Comet’s Tale + Bright Equinox
Hearts of Space – Pleiadian Pro-6 + Cosmology
Northern Sky – Aurora Australis + Polar Star
Solaris – Solar Dynamics + Stellar Halo
Star Voyagers – Star Voyager I + Star Voyager II
Stellar Winds – Pillars of Creation + Stellar Halo
The Speed of Light – Event Horizon + Stellar Halo

Installation Instructions: Locate the Lunaris folder on your hard drive. Place the included folder named “05. Apollonia by Ambietica”, into the “LunarisSnapshotsLunaris” folder on your hard drive. Then place the included folder named “Multis” into the “LunarisInstruments” folder on your hard drive :

05. Apollonia by Ambietica —> LunarisSnapshotsLunaris (20 snapshot “single” Instruments)
Multis —> LunarisInstruments (10 “multi” Instruments)

ApolloniA Requirements:
Kontakt version 5.6.8 and above
Luftrum Lunaris:

To Download Please visit:

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