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Comments and Rating for the file z3ta+ virus MOD v2
z3ta+ virus MOD v2 Rating: 2.08

This is version 2 of the now famous virusMOD for RGC Audio's z3ta+, by Francesco Silvestri, now containing even more waves (57 vs 28 in the old MOD) and patches (612 vs 330).

» Author: Francesco Silvestri Write Email to Francesco Silvestri Homepage from Francesco Silvestri dtd. 16.09.2010
» Total Hits: 7174

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Current Rating: 2.08
Total votes: 60

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video tutorial on how to install this mod (VirusMOD for Z3TA+)
THANK YOU! The MOD is awesome. I'm running Z3TA+ 1.5 on Windows 7 and saw that the PROGRAM stuff was under PROGRAM DATA so I wasn't sure how to separate the two. Thank you for clearing that up as the instructions don't mention what to do if you have Windows 7 with its different directory structure. Those little Win7 tips in your video got me going.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the German site for SAVIHost to load so I ended up getting VSTHost. It would be great if someone had the last/latest version to post it as a backup if the author's site is down.

The VirusMOD is AWESOME!!! Wow the sounds are a super nice addition so thank you VERY MUCH to the author and contributors to the MOD. Very, very tasty stuff!

30.08.2011 um 17:1930.08.2011 um 17:19
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Thanks, nice post. Keep up the good work
08.12.2010 um 20:1308.12.2010 um 20:13


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video tutorial on how to install this mod
Here's a video that goes over how to install with z3ta+ 1.5.3

25.09.2010 um 16:2825.09.2010 um 16:28
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