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Analog Four
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Description Date
A few Snare Percussion Patches Rating: 3.5
A few Snare percussion patches for the Elektron Analog Four
22. May 2013
3.5 (10 Votes)
1,06 kB
3 Percussion Sounds
3 sounds i have created in the a4 , a kick , an snare and a clap
22. May 2013
5.5 (10 Votes)
1,50 kB
Sub Drum Kit
I took voids clap and some other sounds and tweaked them in this kit.
I was able to get an 808ish pitched kick from self oscillating filter 2.
It includes ...
22. May 2013
Not rated yet
1,25 kB
A4 Claps
A couple Clap Sounds for the Elektron Analog Four

its sound depends on note pitch, some range works better than others..
22. May 2013
Not rated yet
737,00 Bytes
A4 Cheat Sheet Rating: 3.5
A cheat sheet for the Elektron Analog Four. Enjoy.
22. May 2013
3.5 (10 Votes)
480,28 kB
Very Basic Lemur Template
Just a simple starting point for editing the Analog Four with lemur. It uses only the CC parameters. No NRPN used in this template. I have no intentions to c...
22. May 2013
Not rated yet
3,10 kB
90s technoid drum kit
90s technoid drum kit

here's the sysex (1 pattern, 1 kit)

the sounds are note-sensitive,
and may sound better or worse depending on which MIDI note i...
08. July 2013
Not rated yet
1,76 kB
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