TX81Z a very popular synth module! It has a huge range and flexibility when it comes to programming different sounds, styles, and timbres. It is a typical late ’80s Yamaha FM, with powerful bass, cutting synths, and glassy electric pianos.  One particular sound this module is famous for: “Lately Bass”, which was used extensively during the mid 90s in a lot of rap, hip-hop and dance songs (i.e., on Madonna’s “Vogue” ).  A similar bass sound is also found on the DX100, “Solid Bass”.

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Product: TX81Z
Developer: Yamaha

Yamaha TX81Z Downloads, Patches, & Presets

Download Description Sound Designer Hits
Yamaha TX81Z Service Manual PDFYamaha TX81Z Service Manual in PDF Format! Cheers!patcharena1208
Synthematic User Banks [x5]Here's presented is a bunch of dumps from 2014 to today May 24th 2016, They are mostly in Syx and TX8 formats for use with TX81Z Programmer now freeware, the sounds will load in the tx8 formats but may not work with syx counterpart, due to issues yet to be resolved all sounds and presets made from the time I bought my first unit to now which I have 3 Units.Synthematic797
Joel's TX81Z User BanksHere's all the presets I have for the 3 Yamaha TX81Z Modules that I currently have There are three different Bank I .syx files that are the user preset banks which I have programmed three sounds on the 1 module, the others are untouched, so Rip Num2 is the module which I have modded, the num3 rip is the newest module which has some great renditions of Yamaha DX100 Solidbass and Casio CZ101 sounds, my bass sound is JB1STBASS which was the first sound I ever made with the TX81Z using just the menus inside the module but the other two presets were made with the help of TX81Z Programmer. Included are my complete system dumps for all three modules and all banks separately, so you get all A, B, C, D, I banks for all modules plus system exclusive dump which will include all the microtuning, performance patches and banks all in one .syx file that is a general backup of the system settings so if you need factory presets untouched and including the bank I factory untouched then I suggest TX81_Rip_Num1.syx because this rip was the complete factory sounds untouched and the other modules have had sounds programmed in the I Bank when I purchased them so now I have 2 user patches and/but also the Factory User Patches as per Rip Num1, I also suggest you get the program to put these on your TX81Z because there are .tx8 and .syx files for each bank due to the way that you save banks in the TX81Z Programmer, go to: http://the-all.org/tx81z/programmer.html The program is around $20 USD and can read these .tx8/.syx files included in this zip, I would like to say enjoy and be careful, make a backup of your own sounds before proceeding in loading these banks because once they're loaded the previous bank is no longer in the TX81Z's memory so back up and have fun.Synthematic738
2000 TX81Z Yamaha VoicesThese were originally in Opcode Galaxy format for Macintosh. They are now available in SYX format, courtesy of a generous Yamaha TX81Z enthusiast.patcharena511
41 Banks - TX81Z41 banks designed for the TX81Z (DX11). Each bank holds 32 voices, DX27, DX27S & DX100 users can load these but only the 1st 24 voices of a bank are accessible. Some voices re-occur from bank list to bank list randomly so, essentially DX27 & DX100 users may find all voice files by trying all the sysex patches available in this package. These voices are designed for the TX81Z (DX11) so, they may not sound as they were designed on previous generations of 4 OP synthesizers. When loading these patches to the DX21 the LCD displays: "MIDI CHKSUM ERR". Simply press any button to continue.patcharena435
Original Factory Patches - TX81ZThe original TX81Z factory voices, grouped in banks of 32 voices. These voices are designed for the TX81Z (DX11) so, they may not sound as they were designed on previous generations of 4 OP synthesizers. DX27 & DX100 users can load these but only the 1st 24 voices of a bank are accessible.patcharena366
TX81Z - 4 SinglesA small collection of single voices for the TX81Z (DX11). These voices are designed for the TX81Z (DX11) so, they may not sound as they were designed on previous generations of 4 OP synthesizers. DX27 & DX100 users can load these but only the 1st 24 voices of a bank are accessible.patcharena317
Yamaha TX81Z Trackdriver PresetsYamaha TX81Z Trackdriver Presetstx81mez315
Yamaha TX81Z Owners ManualScanned copy of the Yamaha TX81Z owners manual in pdf format.patcharena304
Yamaha TX81Z Service NotesPDF contains a list of details on each of the updates the TX81Z ROM received during the course of it's production.patcharena242

11 Responses to Yamaha TX81Z

  • Todd Salpen

    Hello everyone.
    I have inherited a Yamaha TX81Z device, but not how to use it.
    I have a M-AUDIO MIDI interface MIDISPORTUno.
    I want to use it with a sequencer from a MacBookPro.
    I have no idea which software to use to edit the sounds of my Yamaha TX81Z device.
    If anyone has any video tutorial on how to use this device with best practices for maximum use of sound would appreciate.

    • admin

      Very cool!  Very nice to inherit such a modest FM synth. 

      If you have a MIDI interface you are all set, you can use that for MIDI IN/OUT to your TX81Z.  You may want to start by editing the sounds from the front panel first to get used to it. 

      I’ve heard some people having success with MIDI Quest and OSX 10.6, not sure what OS you are on.  Check out this thread here:


      Good luck and have fun!

    • reklamchef

      there’s been some updates in Ctrlr.org’s cross platform standalone and VST based editor, and a Tx81z that’s a bit of a work in progress, but as of today, it works for the Tx81z thanks to some updates by the developers!

      • patcharena


        I’ll check out the latest from Ctrlr.org.  Thanks!

  • Glenn

    I have kind of a strange question.  A long time ago I wrote a program for my TX81Z that (among other things) sets up Performance patches using voices from the user-programmable voice bank (bank “I”).  But I didn’t do a good job of documenting which patches I actually had in bank I at that time, and of course I’ve overwritten some of them since then.  So I know, for example, that I used voice I17, but I don’t know what patch was stored in I17 at that time.

    I suspect that a lot of the patches I used were the ones originally stored in bank I when the unit came from the factory.  The TX81Z manual says, “When the unit is shipped, bank I contains selected voices from bank A-D.”  In other words, copies of various preset voices.  But it doesn’t list them.  Does anyone have a list of the voice names that were stored in bank I as shipped?


    • Salty One

      For version 5.1 the I bank is:

      01 GrandPiano
      02 LoTine81Z
      03 DynomiteEP
      04 PercOrgan
      05 Thin Clab
      06 BriteCelst
      07 Trumpet81z
      08 Flugelhorn
      09 RaspAlto
      10 Harmonica
      11 DoubleBass
      12 HiString 1
      13 Harp
      14 FanfarTrpts
      15 BreathOrgn
      16 NylonGuit
      17 Guitar #1
      18 Funky Pick
      19 ElecBass 1
      20 SynFunkBas
      21 LatelyBass
      22 Sync Lead
      23 Jazz Flute
      24 Java Jive
      25 BaadBreath
      26 VocalNuts
      27 WaterGlass
      28 Fuzzy Koto
      29 Brthbells
      30 Tube Bells
      31 Noise Shot
      32 Hand Drum

      • Hans-Joachim Bruhnke

        hello, iam surching for a Special TX Sound. Ist calling “Stereo tingaling”. Can you help?
        H- – J. Bruhnke

  • Ryan

    Talkbox patch for tx81Z

    Hi all, I am after the sound patch for the TX81Z that is recommended for use with a Talkbox tp get that Roger Troutmann sound.

    Had had decommisioned my TX81Z many years ago, but having finally recently bought a banshee rocktron 2, I understand that the tx81z does a fine job of playing the original dx 100 patch.

    I am sure I have an editor for the sync on an old atari st somewhere, but I don’t really fancy digging that ouut and setting that all up just for one patch!

    I would be grateful if someone could point in a step by step what I need to do to get this on my pc, and from my pc to tx81z, I have cubase 5 etc so can stream sysex to the device


    • Eldred

      Did you ever figure this out?

  • Mike

    MIDI Dump Question: Just curious before I attempt, but why are there 4 factory patches? I assume one for each bank, i.e., patch 1 loads bank A, 2 patch loads bank B, etc?? Of course I plan on saving the current patches on my computer first. Using MIDI-OX & Windows XP.

    • patcharena

      Hi Mike,
      Yes they are for each bank.  Backing up your patches first is always the best practice.  Have fun with the FM Sounds!

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