The legendary waveshaping sound of Z3TA+ (zay’-ta) is back – and better than ever. New filters, modulatable waveshapers, flexible effects, expressive control and a gorgeous new interface make Z3TA+ 2 one seriously powerful synth. It’s not often that a soft synth can be called a classic, but in the case of Z3TA+ it’s definitely appropriate. Used on countless tracks over the past decade, Z3TA+’s distinctive sound has been a staple of electronic artists the world over.


All oscillators can inter-modulate each other using a unique ““circular inter-modulation scheme,”” as follows:

Any modulation option can be chosen in any oscillator. This way, the output of combined modulations can become extremely complex. For instance, OSC1 could ring-modulate OSC2, this output could FM-modulate OSC3, to PM-modulate OSC4, SYNC to OSC5, etc.

z3ta+ 2.0 Patches and Banks

Download Sound Designer Hits
z3ta+ Muz3uM 2 Francesco Silvestri 12775
The ‘ Cyberkinesis ‘ Soundset by CHE for the Cakewalk – Z3TA+ 2 Virtual Synthesizer Helges 5586
The ‘ Thao – Tsou ‘ Z3TA+ 2 Soundset by CHE 2012 Helges 4336
Radio Transmission by CHE Helges 2717
Starship Enterprise Soundset by CHE Helges 2670
PlayTheWaveSynth ReAction Soundset for Cakewalks Z3TA+ 2 VSTi Helges 2470
The ‘ Andromeda Galaxy ‘ Soundset by CHE for the Cakewalk – Z3TA+ 2 Helges 1811
The ‘ Chip Soundset ‘ by CHE for the Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 VSTi Helges 1769
The ‘ Chip Soundset ‘ by CHE for the Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 VSTi Helges 1076
The ‘ Transformation ‘ Soundset by Tone Colors for the Cakewalk – Z3TA+ 2 Helges 471

z3Ta+ 1.5 Patches and Banks

*NOTE – Z3ta+ 2.0 can load any previous patches from version 1.0-1.5. Those files included below:

Download Sound Designer Hits
z3ta+ virus MOD v2 Francesco Silvestri 4102
z3ta+ fr4ncesco Muz3uM Francesco Silvestri 2837
z3ta+ Kire Commersial trance Kire 2021
z3ta+ BigTone Bank – AmbientTranceTextures BT 2007
Dirty House – Volume 1 ROBERTTODD 1493
z3ta+ PeterSchelfhout Cat1 bank PeterSchelfhout 1152
z3ta+ PeaHead P3D Bank OneToMany 1070
z3ta TheWall Wall Bank The Wall 1023
z3ta+ Kire Fat Analog Kire 959
z3ta+ Francesco Silvestri VirusMOD Francesco 851
Bi-Polar and Blu-Virus z3ta+ Skins no_sensi 850
z3ta+ HaraldKarla Cat1 bank Harald Karla 839
Zetaskin_Prosounds Max OneToMany 816
z3ta+ DJ-Sunland DJ Sunland 772
z3ta+ BruceRainier Cat9 pad Bruce Rainier 763
rvx z3ta+ snow skin RVX Music 754
ZetaSkin_Brendan_Ewin_Virus OneToMany 595
z3ta samlaleo skin 590
z3ta MattBaka DiscoTreats1 578
Freuby Skin3 Z3TA 542
z3ta FlameTop FlameTop 541
z3ta+ biohazard skin preview 537
z3ta_ProSounds-z3taMaxDemo Pro-Sounds 514
z3ta+ Orgone 7 Skin 503
Zetaskin_Trip Skin OneToMany 487
Zetaskin_Max_Velocity (Llunasol skin edit) OneToMany 479
Zetaskin_Llunasol_nordzeta OneToMany 468
Z3ta+ Kire Trancemania Kire 266

z3ta+ 2 Feature Videos

2 Responses to Z3TA+ 2.0

  • AkashicPulse

    I cant seem to get the patches to work, it shows up in the factory content but then says could not access data files or something?

  • Pepinillo

    Hey, great patches. I’m gonna try’em.
    Thank you!

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